About us

Why do we exist?

We are here with a vision to tell a beautiful story to the billion people.

Imagine you go to a reputed pub and place an order for a Pitcher. After you paid the bill, they serve you just a Pint for the same amount you paid for a Pitcher! What will be your reaction? We guess you will be nothing short of Furious!

All of us do experience it often, without even realizing about it. In branded retail, a shirt is marked up
5X before it reaches the customer. They pass on 1X as a discount and customer happily pays 4X.
It is awful, right?

In the world of brands, MRP ≠ QUALITY.

We believe every penny is hard earned by us and we have the right to know the cost. We will tell you
the true cost of the product and tell you every other cost involved, of course including our profits.

“Let us rewrite the script of apparel retail.”

Who are we?

We grew up watching cotton crops in our child hood.
We played in the compounds of Textile mills and saw garments being produced every corner.
We spent 15 years with best of the brands in the country
and some of the best in the world to understand this game deeper & better.

We are connected with the apparel eco system in many ways and we realized
the consumers are influenced in the name of brands to pay for not only for the products, but a lot more.
We discussed, debated and discovered this model.

Our inspiration

We learnt very valuable lessons from the business model of a tiny idly shop.
It offered just IDLY & CHUTNEY, but the quality and taste made us to visit the place very frequently.
It had only the essentials and not any extras.He could keep the price reasonable and we almost paid for only what we ate.
This was little inspiration for us.

Why Bragnolabel?

 What does a brand mean to you? Typically, it is perceived as the status symbol, emotion, quality etc.
Trust us, it is very less to do with all those stuff.  
Brand is nothing but the ability of a label to command a premium.

Don’t get labeled by the brand you wear. You are your own identity !!” BRAGNOLABEL!

When it comes to BRAGNOLABEL, we spent months to find the best fabric mills around the
world and best of the garment factories in the country, the same one that produces
your favorite premium fashion brand!

Our quality equation, BRAGNOLABEL  >= PREMIUM BRANDS

Check how we assure you impeccable quality.

If you are not happy with our product for any quality reason, let us know.

We’ll refund your money. All of it.

Who is this for?

 We constantly challenge the status quo. We believe our customers do it more often.

This is the pen portrait of our customer.

 What is our goal?

Our vision is to bring transparency in a business and focus towards a win-win principle method of transaction.
This ensures trust and fairness in the business relation.
We would not intend to grow our business by selling in huge margins and profits.
We understand the worth of every penny that we get from our customers and it is spent for making great
products with a great value.

Let us together create a sustainable business model. We need your support.

Thanks a lot for your time to know about us.
Please reach us for your feedback and valuable suggestions!

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